For most people, their car is their most prized possession. It’s not just a car but a status symbol they take great pride in. Emerging car spas and car maintenance workshops are a clear reflection of the love car owners possess for their vehicles.

While we constantly look for ways to add some zing factor, one such accessory trending is stylized roof wraps. The recently launched Renault Kwid and Maruti Swift are already flaunting this.

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The new Marut Swift & Renault Kwid sporting Car Styling Graphics

But hey! You needn’t compromise on your choice of car just because you love this amazing add-on accessory. You can also ride in style with these roof wraps, yes you heard that right! Roof wraps are compatible with most car models and can be applied on any car, old or new.

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Everyone loves to pamper their ride

Set the mood right for your car with a plethora of design options or keep it simple with plain colors. With an option of matte or glossy finishes, it is the perfect option for those looking to make a simple change with a big impact as well as for those who love to be to up to date with the latest trends as roof wraps are easily removable and ensure zero paint damage, so you can upgrade your style quotient without any hassle.

Roof wraps are not only premium and aesthetic but also add a great deal of utility value to your car. Say goodbye to the thought of daunting scratches and pesky bird droppings, a roof wraps hide scratches and freshens the look of your vehicle.

Its paint friendly, easy to clean and water resistant so you can watch your baby sparkle be it rain or shine. Also applying a roof wrap significantly increases differentiation on road.

Buy Car Roof Graphics Online On Autographix | Online Shopping In India

Roof wraps from Autographix. Available in different designs, textures, and patterns

At a glance, you wouldn’t know the difference if your car has been sprayed or wrapped.It would take very close scrutiny to tell the difference, it gives the same high-end level of quality at a fraction of the cost which is why they are a great alternative to painting. You wouldn’t burn your pockets giving your ride the perfect makeover.

Make a fashion statement with designer roof wraps

You can also mix and match it with a bonnet wrap. Give your ride the oomph factor with a matching bonnet wrap or add a contrast color along. Your car is all set to have a fan following of its own.

Make heads turn with stylized car wraps

A few pointers to keep in mind before purchasing a roof wrap.

  1. Your car model
  2. Choice of design based on your liking and personality
  3. Finish ( gloss or matte)
  4. Roof wraps require a professional applicator; hence it is best to get it done from the same.

Pro Tip:- Have some excess roof film left and are confused what to do with it? The excess film can be used on your car pillars. Your vehicle is sure to grab everyone’s attention with this addition.

Voila! Go grab your crowning glory today!!!