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Riding the ageless classic - For the love of Vintage!

Technology and the automobile industry have come full circle since the first petrol or gasoline-powered automobile in 1885 made by Karl Benz. Electrically powered automobiles were a niche market until the 21st century.

Indian royals would have their ride decked and portray their love for luxury with cars from Rolls Royce to Bentley.

Ford’s Mustang was a cult favorite for those who loved to race. Long drives with your beloved were on the Corvette or the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto. The Volvo 240 Estate was the perfect car for every family outing and picnic.

BentleyBugatti, and Rolls Royce, Humber, Daimler, and Ford are just a few of the gems in the lot.

Classic cars all have a story to tell about what they have accomplished in their lives, where they have been, and why they are still in operation. Some see the cracks in the leather or the scratches on the paint as imperfections, but to aficionados of classic cars, these are a record of the car’s history, adding to its character and chronicling its life. Automobile manufacturers play heavily on the pedigree and heritage of their brands, but classic cars are the real-life objects that defined that heritage and established the reputation of the brand in the first place.

There are numerous clubs which honor and showcase these classic rides in all its glory. Classic cars can be modern favorites too, and can even be cars celebrated for their quirky individuality.Hence the younger generation have also garnered a liking.

Apart from being amazing showstoppers with a grand entry at weddings, these classic cars are also great for other occasions. If you fancy a romantic day with your other half , you can move into nostalgia and be reminded of the good times, an adventure to see the picturesque villages you’ve never come across, or if it’s a road trip with your friends you’re searching for, these classic beauties surely fit the bill.

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