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New Age Bike Thigh Pads - Ride In Style & Comfort


A ride on your motorcycle for distances short or long can be highly demanding, especially in dense traffic congested and pot-hole filled roads in India.

Even though a bike is faster to ride through meandering roads, they prove to be equally dangerous due to lack of enclosure, sharp turns, uneven roads and careless riders. Hence bike rides demand far more planning than the equivalent journey in a car. With the inherent sense of easy travel, the practical limitations require motorcyclists to think ahead when riding.

Buy Bike Safety Gear Online On Autographix | Online Shopping In India At Best Deals & Discounts Without the use of proper safety gear mishaps are bound to happen

This is where safety gear becomes a must have. From helmets and jackets to gloves which protect you from sweaty palms you must be fully prepared while riding on Indian roads.

Buy Bike Styling and Protection accessories Online On Autographix | Online Shopping In India At Best Prices & Disounts Ride with ease , Autographix Bike Thigh Pads!


While you cannot control road conditions or the incessant, traffic, we definitely can help you ease your woes on jittery roads with our specially designed textured bike thigh pads.

Buy Bike Safety Accessories online on Autographix | Online Shopping In India At Best Prices Bike Thigh Pads can be applied in three easy steps



Knee Protection - These serve to protect your knees at every pothole and speed breaker

Heat Protection - You can ride without a worry in the scorching summer heat. It protects riders from the severe heat coming from bike’s engine, which can rise further during the day.

Stylish - These thigh pads are sure to grab everyone’s attention and gain word of mouth with their stylish design.

Buy Bike Safety Gear Online on Autographix | Online Shopping in India At Best Prices and Discounts Protect yourself while riding with Bike Thigh Pads

Where to buy?

Autographix offers hassle-free door-step delivery. These thigh pads are long lasting against weathering and natural hazards and act as paint protectors. They are made using the highest quality vinyl and adhesives to ensure longevity.

So jet, set, and go with this stylish accessory. Get yours today!

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