For those who love to be stylish but not over the year 2017’s most ubiquitous and trendy pattern is undoubtedly the Gingham style.

The closely knit checks paired with a variety of cuts and patterns can boast of a wide variety of looks ranging from classy vintage to upbeat and quirky.

This versatile and catching trend made way in the styling preferences of men and women alike with all the fashion so and so posing and pouting not just in Gingham shirts and trousers but also boasting of wallets, belts, watches and yes even eye frames in this pattern.

What allows the versatility in this pattern is the liberal use of colors and patterns which can influence the mood and taste of the consumers.

This trend is sure to only grow and bloom in 2018 with merchandisers and designers finding more avenues to exploit this fashion trend. One such avenue where Gingham is sure to make its mark in 2018 is the car accessories segment.

The increasing love of consumers to stylize their car with upcoming fashion trends clubbed with their personal preferences is clearly visible as we tread the streets to notice the increasing number of stylized cars.

The gingham pattern makes a great option to give that vintage look to your ride with a monotonous black and white roof or add that good old blue-white gingham to define your cars side profile.

The options and opportunities to personalize your car with this trend are endless, however, our personal favorite is the Racy Gingham Decal

Sleekly cut with the zipper effect with a minimalistic look and rooftop design flowing onto the bonnet in a unique color the look is a perfect blend of vintage and class with urban cuts.

Apart from the elegance, these Gingham decals add to your ride, are also 100% paint friendly, scratch and weather resistant and are easily removable for you to change designs in a jiffy. "RACE" label to give a rejuvenating riding experience.

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