“What a beauty!” is the compliment we all seek for our car. Flaunting her and adorning her is everyone’s secret desire.

With a majority of car lovers and enthusiasts choosing to personalize their car, you can now style your car in line with your preference. Yes! Autographix now introduces customized car wraps tailored to suit your taste.

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Style your car with Customized Car Wraps

How it works:-

  • Design
    Our in-house design team will meet you to deliberate and understand your preferences to suggest the perfect design, pattern, color and finish for your car wrap. Based on this illustrations would be created to help you visualize the new look of the car as you see your dream turning into reality.
  • Production
    Once the design is finalized we will manufacture your wrap using the finest quality inks, materials & vinyl at our ISO-certified plant equipped with superior printing technologies. All our wraps pass through a rigorous quality checking process to ensure scratch resistance, weather resistance & water resistance.
  • Application
    Our skilled team of applicators will ensure your ride is wrapped professionally with utmost care.
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Choose from the widest designs of full car wraps to style your ride

Voila! You are all set to flaunt your new ride!

Apart from upping your style quotient, the car wrap comes with a host of other benefits.

Added advantages:-

  • Quick Identification
    Now forget the woes of locating your car in a crowded parking spot or in dense traffic, your car can easily be identified as it is sure to stand out.
  • Paint Protection
    Every covered inch of your vehicle is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards and weathering. So say goodbye to color fading, paint damage stone chips, abrasion and bird droppings.
  • Easily removable
    You can change the look of your car every few years. Feel free to call us to send in our applicators to remove the wrap and choose a new design and color. All our products assure ease of application and removal. Keep everyone guessing and be in-line with the latest trends!

So vroom along on your dream ride. You dream it, we style it!

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Jeans your ride with Autographix full car wraps

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