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5 Best Selling Scooters in India - 2018

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In India, scooters are the easiest and the most convenient maneuver travel. Congested roads make it very hard to maneuver and in this scenario, scooters are blessing because they are sleek and easiest to ride on chaotic roads. Scooters have always been a popular mode of transport for the middle class from the iconic Chetak to today’s best selling Activa. Now their popularity is not limited to small towns and villages since early 2000 have gained tremendous popularity in the major metros as well. Scooters are offering the best solution for traffic snarls and congestion.
With every new entry into the scooter segment newer and updated features are getting introduced into this segment. Below we have listed scooters that are not only fun to drive but also offer great mileage and make up the top 5 scooters in the segment.Read More

The Honda Activa has consistently remained the best selling scooter in its category. It was launched in 2000 and over the years has retained its top position because of its versatility, superior performance, and expert after sales service. It is a sturdy vehicle that is reliable and exceeds expectation year after year.
If you have owned your ride for a couple of years and could do with a little change in the look you don't need to look too far. You can add a fun twist to your 2 wheeler that expresses your personality. Autographix has a ton of interesting scooter styling graphics that for you to choose from!Read More
Classic never goes out of style, like your first bike or your dad’s hand me down car. Today the version of vehicles are manufactured using better technology and features, but the foundation of these vehicles was laid down by iconic car, bikes & scooters.
Below is a list of bikes, cars, and scooters that will make you nostalgic for the simpler times.Read More

Women have different tastes when it comes to styling and that extends to their rides, be it 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers. Some love vibrant colours, beautiful designs, or snazzy styles which are vastly different from men who stick to dark colours and plain boring looks. More and more women are now getting on the road and behind the steering wheel. So if you are a women driver you don’t have to limit your style to your clothes or accessories. With a little help from Autographix turn your ride into a reflection of you. We offer a range of styling products that are designed especially keeping in mind women and their rides!

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