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Bowl Over With Your Ride - Autographix Cricket Decals

Ask an Indian what comes close to God and the answer you are sure to receive is cricket!!

It’s not just a sport, but a religion with a worldwide fan following. From ODI’s and IPL’s to Gully cricket. Bonds of friendship develop over this sport, with friends wanting to be part of your team. Once in 4 years, life on the streets comes to a standstill when the world cup commences, aka World Cup Fever. Stadiums are inevitably filled with die-hard fans cheering and hooting for their favorite cricket maestro’s.

The cricket frenzy doesn’t stop in front of the television or stadium!  Be it posters of cricket idols adorned in your room or those instant coffee table conversations; everything revolves around this religion. While this sport has been an integral part of our lives, you can now take your love for this game a step further.

We live it, love it and flaunt our passion for the gentlemen’s game!

For those who love to cheer our men in blue, here’s how you can flaunt your passion with your ride.

Autographix brings to you an exclusive collection of cricket-themed decals to have your ride be the sight of envy for fellow cricket enthusiasts.

In addition to its killer looks, these graphics ensure no color fading, are scratch resistant, and 100% paint friendly so you can change over to a new design in a matter of minutes.

So go ahead and be the center of attraction with Autographix! Click here  to shop now

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