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Bengaluru on the Verizon of Day Zero?

Water scarcity and its conservation is one of the most widely discussed topics in India. With experts anticipating the outbreak of a third world war over the drinking water crisis.

The number of industries has seen a tremendous rise in the last decade post the outbreak of the Industrial Revolution in India , which ultimately led to lack of wastewater treatment from domestic, industrial, and mining sources.

An analysis shows that at least 200 cities across the world are facing a severe water crisis while one of the worst sufferers is the tech capital Bengaluru, whose future appears grim regarding meeting the water requirements. The government will have to evacuate half of Bangalore in the next ten years, due to water scarcity, contamination of water and diseases as natural water bodies have become victims of concretization and rainwater harvesting being a low priority.

The groundwater in at least half of Bangalore is contaminated with sewage water. In 1790, a British captain had described Bangalore as the land of a thousand lakes. Today less than 200 of those 1000 lakes remain and are no more than sewage tanks, where only 30% of the water is treated whereas the remaining contaminates the groundwater and percolates into the borewells. Another major factor is the city’s outburst in population which crossed the one crore mark in early 2017.

With several companies are yet to pay heed to this alarming concern, Autographix a subsidiary of Classic Stripes Pvt. Ltd ensures it adopts sustainable wastewater treatment in its manufacturing plant. The effluent generated from the industry is recycled where raw sewage water is collected in a collection Tank where it settles down, and water overflows into the Pre-polishing Tank. This detoxified water is fed to the Sand Filter and Carbon Filter for tertiary treatment and eventually the treated water is used for gardening.

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