A visitor to India would be left amazed and awestruck at how much Indians love cricket. Visit any corner of the country and you will find little children playing cricket on street corners. The Indian cricket team carries with it 1 billion dreams every time it enters the field. Emotions run high during a crucial game and it can easily be said that cricket is one of the greatest loves of this country!

Almost everyone is a fan
People across ages and gender ardently follow the game, children grow up watching the game and the love of the game is inculcated at an early age. If you ever want to witness extreme madness and crazy fandom you don’t have to look to look too far. Go watch an India match and you will experience what it means to live in a cricket crazy country like India.

Big game days are a national holiday
Indians are known to be so crazy about the game that is not uncommon for people to fall sick on the day of a big match. Companies realize the love people have for the game so it is not uncommon for them to organize match screening at their office premises. A big India game is one of the accepted reasons when taking leave because who wouldn’t want to watch team India win.

Tendulkar is God
Every religion has to have a god in Indian cricket that person would be Sachin Tendulkar. He is greatly admired by cricket lovers all over the world for his exceptional skill on the field. His humility has turned even the staunchest of his opponents into admirers. Even in retirement, he commands the love of the entire nation although India has produced many cricketing greats no one has come close to him.

It is a great Unifier
In a country as diverse as India which is divided on caste, religion and language barriers. In this great melting pot of cultures, cricket is the great equalizer and unifier. The slogan ‘Bleed Blue’ aptly explains how deep the love for the game and support for the team flows. The annual phenomenon of IPL is akin to a festival held in honor of the game and team India.


India VS Pakistan is Big
Every major sports team has to have an arch enemy and for India that is Pakistan. Their clashes are legendary and there have been stories of heartbroken fans breaking their TV screen at the loss of their team. The clash between India and Pakistan are eagerly awaited as long as Team India wins, but any tournament is not complete if these rivals do not clash.