Do you have the urge to travel to far-flung places, untouched by man to experience nature in its purest form? For this Himalayas are the perfect place for you to visit and Leh Ladakh region nestled among the mountains is any traveler’s gold mine.

Khardung La pass is a must on the list of places to visit in the Leh, Ladakh region. Khardung La (in Tibetan, La means pass) is situated at about 40 km from Leh. The pass offers amazing views of the valley and the roads winding up the mountain. The clear air, scenic vistas and the feeling of being on top of the world have made Khardung La a popular tourist attraction. BRO (Border road organizations) has recently achieved a rare feat they have built the highest motorable road in the world. Built-in extremely difficult conditions with low oxygen levels, life-threatening conditions and biting cold it is a major triumph for the BRO. Built at 17, 695 Feet the road now connects many remote villages. People are flocking to khardung La pass to add this milestone to their travel diaries. The roads here are popular among bike enthusiasts and biker club flock this region in big numbers. The terrain in this region is unique beautiful monasteries nestled among rolling hills with traces of snow.

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This is milestone you would want to add to your travel diaries!

1) How to travel: You could rent a car or bike to travel if you don’t have a vehicle of your own.

2) Food: The Indian army runs a quaint little cafe here which serves simple food or you could also carry packed food. Since there are no shops in this remote region it is best to carry all your essentials with you. Ps: Do try the Thumka which is a simple noodle soup a specialty of this region.

3) A place to stay: Khardungla does not have any places to stay but, but there are places in Nubra village where you could book a place to stay.

4) Permit: The easiest way to get your permit is through your designated driver the day before. You just have to submit ID and address proof. The permits are checked and are required to cross Khardungla and move on towards Nubra Valley.

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