There are riders who are obsessed with their bikes and ensure that it is always in the best conditions, then there are riders who ride their bikes till is about to fall apart. Both these riders have one thing in common they do their best to provide their bikes with the right safety accessories to protect them from any unexpected damage.

For your Fuel Tank, the easiest way to ensure it stays protected is with a Tank Pad!

Benefits of Having a Tank Pad

• Prevents Damages

Tank pads or tank protectors prevent damages such as scratches; dents and paint peel off from occurring on the fuel tank of your motorcycle.

• Great for Grip and Control

The other important benefit of having a tank pad is that you get better grip and control. Autographix has a wide range of tank pads covering all motorcycles and bike thigh pad for all round protection of your bike fuel tank.

Safely Removing the Tank Pad

If at some point you want to remove the tank pad, getting the job done is completely safe without any damage to the bike paint.

• Paint Fading Unevenly

Due to long exposure in the sun, of course, your motorcycle’s paint is going to fade. Whether it fades unevenly or evenly, you’ll have to make that investment to re-polish it. Your best bet is to keep your bike covered or stored in a garage.

Choosing a Tank Pad

When choosing a tank pad, it’s important to think about your riding style. At Autographix we have more than 50+ different tank pad designs! That means you are bound to find a tank pad ideal for your Bike with a design that you will absolutely love. Whether you like to race or just cruise along in a leisurely manner Autographix has designed tank pads keeping all kinds of riders in mind.

Apply and ride!