Kerala, also known as God’s own country and one of the most beautiful parts of India has been devastated by floods this month. The picturesque state with its serene backwater and beautiful mountains now stands destroyed by catastrophic levels of rainfall. More than 300 people have lost their lives and the damage crops, livestock & property is unprecedented. The flood in the state has been termed as the worst flood seen in a century. The government of Kerala has pegged the state’s losses to be more than 2000 Cr rupees. Lakhs of people are now living in relief camps and are relying on relief material for daily sustenance.

It is in time of disaster and calamity that human endurance is tested to its limited. Now, that flood waters have gradually begun to recede the exact amount of damage will be accessed. Damaged roads, infrastructure, crops that have been destroyed, the state of Kerala needs all the help it can get to rebuild.

The stories of damage and destruction coming out of Kerala are heartbreaking. But for every tragedy, there are amazing stories of rescue that are a true testament to the human spirit and what it can overcome.

It is now our turn to open our hearts and contribute generously to help begin the process of rehabilitation in the state. The state is going to need millions for medical assistance, supplies, repairs, rebuilding and to assist all those who have had to turn to relief camps. It is going to take years for Kerala to recover from this disaster.

If you would like to assist you can make donations of any amount
Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Link below: