Full Bike Wrap

Love your bike to death but think maybe it needs a makeover? Well, Maybe a bike wrap is just what you are looking for
A wrap is a large graphic that covers the entire visible area of your vehicle to completely transform its appearance. It is a quick and easy process that guarantees you a fully transformed version of your bike. By opting for a full bike wrap you are turning your vehicle into a piece of art that grabs eyeballs and is sure to be a head turner.

KTM Full Bike Wrap

We at Autographix offer a range of extraordinary designs, textures and color options to create customized bike and car wraps that complement your personality and give a unique look to your vehicle. If you’re not feeling very adventurous you could try a bike decal rather than a full bike wrap. Choose from stunning tank pads, bike tyre rims, bike graphics & scooters styling products make a small change to transform the visual appeal of your bike. Autographix wraps & decal are made of premium quality vinyl and are long-lasting. The premium vinyl wrap also protects from scratches and can be easily peeled off without any damage to the paint .

Full Car Wrap

Autographix also offers full car wraps designed for your preference. The advantage with a car & bike wrap is you can change the look of your vehicle every few years and enjoy a completely new, refreshed look.
How it works:-
Design: Our in-house design team will meet you to deliberate and understand your preferences to suggest the perfect design, pattern, colour and finish for your car wrap. Based on this illustrations would be created to help you visualize the new look of the car as you see your dream turning into reality.
Production: Once the design is finalized we will manufacture your wrap using the finest quality inks, materials & vinyl at our ISO-certified plant equipped with superior printing technologies. All our wraps pass through a rigorous quality checking process to ensure scratch resistance, weather resistance & water resistance.

Application: Our skilled team of applicators will ensure your ride is wrapped professionally with utmost care.
Now just sit back and watch the makeover of your prized possession!