car side scratch protection

Most buyers consider car safety to be the most vital aspect before a purchase. Cars now come fitted in advance with safety features that are getting upgraded every day. But what about external small damages to your prized possession like scratches, dents & paint peel off. Even if you are an extremely careful driver other drivers and external conditions are out of your control. There are several low-cost changes you can make to avoid any unnecessary damage to your four-wheeler. Below is an assorted list of must-have car safety accessories that are available on Autographix!

Scratch Protection Kit
How many times have you pulled in to your parking space and accidentally had your car brush against a wall or another car? Now there are small accessories that can be easily added to your car to protect it from nicks and scrapes that can be easily avoided. Autographix scratch protection kits are designed to protect the most susceptible areas of your car without compromising on the visual appeal of your car.

Bumper Guard
The sole purpose of a bumper guard is to protect the front and rear end of the car from low impact crashes. They can be used on the hood, trunk, grill, fuel, and exhaust. A bumper guard is a shield that is usually made of steel, aluminum, rubber or plastic. At Autograpghix we have a range of bumper guards for you to choose the best that suits your car.

Door Guard Set/ Sports Door Edge Guard
Door edge guard job is to protect your car paint where it is most vulnerable. Every time you swing open your door you run the risk of hitting it against something that will damage the paint or worse cause a dent. Even if you are an extremely careful driver you cannot control forces outside your control. Here is where door edge guards will take the force of these damages and protecting your car and car paint.

Car Door Handle Guard
Every time you open the car door you run the risk of damaging the paint of the car. There are simple and easy ways to protect that delicate area. Car door handle guard are simple safety car accessories that protect the car. The car door handle is one of the most frequently used and therefore most visible areas that needs a little extra care. Here Autographix can save the day with its tastefully designed car door handle guards.

Rear View mirror Fresnel lens & Blind spot mirror
All drivers have experienced some kind of near-miss mishap while reversing or parking their car or SUV. Most cars come with hi-tech excellent safety devices Pre-fitted into the vehicle. Additional accessories can be added for safety and security that can be easily fitted at low cost. A Fresnel lens and a blind spot mirror can be easily fitted to make parking so much easier for you.