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4 Affordable Ways to Modify The Activa 4G

Time and again, the Honda Activa 4G has proven itself to be a strong contender not only in performance but looks as well. For 17 years, the two-wheeler has garnered limelight through an array of great specs, mileage & of course, splendid looks.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best modification techniques that can sort your Activa 4G from rest. When we talk about modifications, it would be evident to say that only handful of people dare to experiment with their Activa’s look. But, who doesn’t like appealing customized Honda Activa 4G right? Let’s dig deeper and know more about modification of Honda Activa 4G.


The below-mentioned ways are your best pick to give your Activa 4G an exuberant appeal

# 1. Ride it and Style It


When it comes to providing a unique look to your Activa 4G, graphic decals can be your out of the box pick. The method is both, appealing & cost-effective. Stickers can be the best way to encompass creativity with the crux of your Activa 4G. For teenagers, graphics/stickers can make heads turn. An array of snazzy & highly creative stickers are available for Activa 4G at Autographix.com. Stick-on can be afforded by all, thus, this method is the easiest way to improve the overall looks & appeal of your Activa 4G.

# 2. Get Comfort with Style, Add Seat Covers


In this sort of Activa 4G modification, you might observe a plenty of change in your two-wheeler’s appeal. A stylish seat cover can make onlookers go gaga over the beauty of your Activa 4G. You can pick the best seat cover which would match with an array of Activa 4G colors. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, the cover would not only provide a lucid look to your Activa, but it’ll also protect the original underneath seat cover from scratches. Steel guard

# 3. Muscular Look with Chrome Steel Guard

When we talk about ensuring both, looks & security of your vehicle, a shiny chrome steel guard can be of great worth. The steel guard encompasses the potential to provide a great look to your vehicle, plus it also acts as a shield against minor damage. Get access to the much-needed glamour for your Activa 4G through a shiny bright chrome steel guard. One can say that this type of modification would be your best decision till date for your vehicle.

# 4. Transforming Activa into Mini Bike

Just imagine an Activa 4G fitted with Royal Enfield’s seat & fuel tank. There is a recent trend of translational modifications which includes installation of Avenger’s shockers, headlight and even handlebars. Powered by Honda Activa’s own engine, you can lift rear shocks for the purpose of balancing the bike. The Activa 4G aka Mini Bike can garner more attention than before, and this would also lead to an appealing sitting.

Thus, the above-mentioned ways can be your state of the art pick to provide the much needed visual appetite to your Activa 4G in a splendid & cost-effective was as well.


Ansul Gupta is blogger, author & contributor associated with ActivaPrice.com. He loves to write about current trends, auto, travel and much more. Apart from writing, he loves travelling & photography. Follow Ansul on Twitter & Google+.

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