Love your car but tired of the same boring look? Your car is an integral part of your life, a witness to all the fun you have had over the years and the memories you have made! You don’t want to upgrade to a new car but you know your car is getting rusty around the edges. There are simple solutions, a little nip here and tuck there will make her look so very new! Getting rid of all the dents, scratches and rust is the first step in the right direction.

Roof Bonnet Wrap

One of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly add character to your car is with a roof bonnet wrap. Autographix offers a range of roof bonnet wraps that are designed in different colours, designs & styles, choose the one that brings out the best in your beloved.

Car Side & Rear Styling Graphic

Short on cash? Don’t want to spend too much on a big makeover for your car? No problem, opt for some side styling graphics for your ride. Small change makes a whole lot of difference to the overall look of your car. Pick a styling graphic that reflects your personality and you could turn your car into your canvas. Even a minor change can drastically alter the look of your ride. If you are a racing fan, then Autographix has a collection of racing styling graphics are designed keeping in mind the latest trends, if soccer is what interest you then we have something or just go in for a trendy new design.

Small Car Accessories

Small little changes can make a whole lot of difference to the look of your car. If you are not in the mood to make any major alterations you could opt for some small interesting graphic stickers. Fuel badges, car emblems & car vents are some of the options you could check on Autographix.

Dash Board Trim

What you do for the outside look of your ride is for onlookers but the alterations on the outside are for you. You will be spending most of your time behind the wheel and a little modification will give you a new feel and for this dashboard, trims are the way to go!

There are several other ways you could transform the look of your car. A paint job is one of the most effective ways to make a refreshing change. You could opt to make some major changes to the interiors like getting a deep cleaning done by professionals. Changing the wheels is also one of the fastest ways to make a change to the look. Getting new floor mats, seat covers and car freshener for your car is also one of the ways to add to the transformation.