Classic never goes out of style, like your first bike or your dad’s hand me down car. Today the version of vehicles are manufactured using better technology and features, but the foundation of these vehicles was laid down by iconic car, bikes & scooters.
Below is a list of bikes, cars, and scooters that will make you nostalgic for the simpler times.
Bajaj Chetak
One of the most iconic scooter’s of all time in India was the Bajaj Chetak the ride for millions of families across the country. The scooter was named after the Indian warrior Rana Pratap Singh it was extremely and the go-to scooter especially for its reliability.
TVS Scooty
The go-to a scooter for women through the ages is the legendary TVS Scooty, due to its light weight and agility. Available in trendy colors the TVS Scooty has gone down in history as one of the iconic.
Hero Honda splendour
The first bike for many families, the Hero Honda Splendour is the bike that is sure to make you nostalgic.
Yamaha RX100
One of the most sought-after bikes in its time this is the bike that was the favorite among racers. It was manufactured by Yamaha from 1985 to 1996 and sold in huge numbers in India, making it one of the most sold bikes in the 90’s.
Honda Activa
It is simply the best selling in the current scooter market. The Activa keeps updating its features and is currently almost 10K bikes on an average every day.

If you had to recall a car from the old days the Hindustan Motors Ambassador is the car that comes to your mind. The preferred car among politicians, film stars and the police was popular for its comfortable seats and spacious interiors.
The only car in this list which is still in production and is still immensely popular, that in itself is statement enough of the cool quotient of this vehicle.
Premier Padmini
The iconic Taxi Car used in the mid 90’s. This little car was and will be remembered fondly for the cherished memories most of us have traveled in them as kids.
Maruti 800
Maruti 800 can simply be known as the largest selling cars in India. Hugely popular for its versatility and value for money that it offered its customer.
After the Premier Padmini, Fiat is the next best-selling cars from Maruti Suzuki.

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