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Reasons Why Your Bike Needs a Tank Pad

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There are riders who are obsessed with their bikes and ensure its always in the best conditions then there are riders that who ride their bikes till it’s about to fall apart. But both these riders make sure they do their best to provide their bikes with safety accessories that will protect them from unexpected damages.
And the easiest way to ensure your fuel tank stays protected is with a Tank Pad!Read More
Most buyers consider car safety & car safety rating to be the most vital aspect before a purchase. Cars now come fitted in advance with safety features that are getting upgraded every day. But what about external small damages to your prized possession like scratches, dents & paint peel off. Even if you are an extremely careful driver other drivers and external conditions are out of your control. There are several low-cost changes you can make to avoid any unnecessary damage to your four-wheeler. Below is an assorted list of must-have car safety accessories that are available on Autographix!Read More
Applying any kind of vinyl wraps on your vehicle is one of the easiest things to do but there are some aspects have to be taken into account for seamless application. One of the most common mistakes when installing vinyl on your vehicle is not taking enough time to prep the surface of your car or bike. If the surface of the vehicle is not thoroughly clean the adhesive will not stick and you will ultimately have a wrap that will not last very long. Below are a few steps to ensure that will help you in the process of applying your vinyl wrap. This will take your wrapping game to the next level and also help prevent damage.Read More

5 Best Selling Scooters in India - 2018

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In India, scooters are the easiest and the most convenient maneuver travel. Congested roads make it very hard to maneuver and in this scenario, scooters are blessing because they are sleek and easiest to ride on chaotic roads. Scooters have always been a popular mode of transport for the middle class from the iconic Chetak to today’s best selling Activa. Now their popularity is not limited to small towns and villages since early 2000 have gained tremendous popularity in the major metros as well. Scooters are offering the best solution for traffic snarls and congestion.
With every new entry into the scooter segment newer and updated features are getting introduced into this segment. Below we have listed scooters that are not only fun to drive but also offer great mileage and make up the top 5 scooters in the segment.Read More
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