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Why are Indians so Crazy about Cricket

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A visitor to India would be left amazed and awestruck at how much Indians love cricket. Visit any corner of the country and you will find little children playing cricket on street corners. The Indian cricket team carries with it 1 billion dreams every time it enters the field. Emotions run high during a crucial game and it can easily be said that cricket is one of the greatest loves of this country!Read More
Love your car but tired of the same boring look? Your car is an integral part of your life, a witness to all the fun you have had over the years and the memories you have made! You don’t want to upgrade to a new car but you know your car is getting rusty around the edges. There are simple solutions, a little nip here and tuck there will make her look so very new! Getting rid of all the dents, scratches and rust is the first step in the right direction.Read More

Women have different tastes when it comes to styling and that extends to their rides, be it 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers. Some love vibrant colours, beautiful designs, or snazzy styles which are vastly different from men who stick to dark colours and plain boring looks. More and more women are now getting on the road and behind the steering wheel. So if you are a women driver you don’t have to limit your style to your clothes or accessories. With a little help from Autographix turn your ride into a reflection of you. We offer a range of styling products that are designed especially keeping in mind women and their rides!

Read More
It is that time of the year again when our beloved Lord Ganesha returns to our homes. Every year millions of people eagerly look forward to the 10 days when Lord Ganesha, comes visiting and a deep sense of devotion combined with jubilant celebration fills the air in the city. But Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations take a heavy toll on the already over-burdened, fragile ecosystem and pollution levels skyrocket during the festive season.Read More
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