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Autographix Blog

  • Keep Your Car Cool with These 5 Summer Hacks

    As much fun as it is to ride around in your car with all your friends, blazing music, in the summer, your car can actually provide plenty of annoyances. As the weather heats up, so does your car, and it's an ever-present problem of staying cool both in and outside of your ride. But what if we told you this was a good thing? And what if we told you it didn't have to be like that. Intrigued? You should be. Click forward for these Car Hacks for Surviving Summer.1. CHANGE THE OIL

    An oil change helps your engine combat the increased summer temperatures. Consider switching to full synthetic oil if you haven’t already. Full synthetic oil is less likely to breakdown at high temperatures.2. NO IFS, ANDS OR BURNT BOTTOMS

    One of the worst feelings ever is hopping into your car with shorts and… OUCH! The hot seats give your leg and butt a nice little sear. Here’s one tip that’ll keep the burning to a minimum! The What: Cover seats with blankets. Better results when light colored blankets are used. The How:  Pretty self-explanatory… but cover all seats with blankets in order to keep direct sun off of them. Refrain from using black or dark coloured blankets as these will only attract the sun. This will be a big help in keeping your seats a bit cooler.3. SUNSHADE IT IS!

    This isn't really a trick, but it's your first line of defense against the sun. Look for one with a metallic material that reflects the sun out of the car.

    4. Keep it Cool

    Most new cars have fairly reliable A/C systems, but older cars may need a recharge before the hot summer starts. At the very least, having a technician give the system a once-over can help prevent future problems. Keeping it cool also refers to coolant — keeping an eye on your engine’s cooling system could help you avoid overheating.

    5. Interior/Upholstery

    Apart from damaging the paint, the sun will get the interior very hot as well. Specially if you have leather seats or black seats, it will become really hot. If your car has been parked under the sun for a while, open the doors and let it cool a little before you get in. Sometimes even breathing gets difficult if the car has been left under the sun for long.


  • Two of the biggest Automotive Giants Join Hands -Toyota And Maruti Suzuki To Cross Supply Vitara Brezza, Baleno & Corolla

    Toyota and Suzuki, taking their association a step further, have agreed upon the mutual supply of hybrid and other vehicles between them for the Indian market. Specifically, Suzuki will supply the Baleno and Vitara Brezza to Toyota, while Toyota will supply the Corolla sedan to Suzuki. Since February 6, 2017, when Toyota and Suzuki concluded a memorandum toward business partnership, the two companies have been exploring concrete projects for collaboration in areas including environmental technology, safety technology, information technology, and the mutual supply of products and components.

    Details on each model, such as the schedule of the start of supply, number of supplied units, vehicle specifications, and supply pricing, will be considered at a later stage. The vehicles will be sold by respective subsidiaries of Toyota and Suzuki based in India through their sales networks. For the vehicle models covered by the basic agreement, the two companies will enhance their efforts to procure components locally to the extent possible toward the achievement of the “Make in India” initiative promoted by the Indian government. Toyota and Suzuki remain committed to the widespread acceptance and use of less fuel-consuming vehicles to help India reduce its environmental footprint and enhance energy security.

    The November 2017 announcement of a memorandum of understanding between Toyota and Suzuki to consider a cooperative structure for introducing battery electric vehicles in the Indian market in around 2020 was one outcome of the joint exploration into the partnership. This aims to bolster both companies’ product lineups and encourage competition in the Indian automotive market. By challenging and competing with each other with the goal of mutual improvement, Toyota and Suzuki aim to invigorate the Indian automotive market to further enhance their respective products and services to be offered to customers.

    Source - https://autoportal.com/news/toyota-suzuki-to-supply-each-other-cars-under-new-agreement-12980.html

  • Bengaluru on the Verizon of Day Zero?

    Water scarcity and its conservation is one of the most widely discussed topics in India. With experts anticipating the outbreak of a third world war over the drinking water crisis. Read More...

  • Theres a new hatch in town! New Toyota Corolla revealed

    Toyota has unveiled the new Corolla hatchback which will be shown to the public for the first time at the upcoming New York auto show.  The car shares a lot of its body panels and underpinnings with the latest Toyota Auris hatchback, which was revealed at the Geneva Motor show recently. Read More...

  • 5 Tips To Camp Like A Champ!

    Stressed with the monotony the concrete jungle has? Connections with family and friends are merely on text messages and phone? Connect with the great outdoors with your friends and family over a camping trip.

    The outdoors can be a thrill in itself but it comes with its share of pros and consBut there are plenty of ways to make camping easier, less stressful, and more fun! And you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy camping gear or equipment to do it. :-) Here are five ways you can camp like a champ!!

    1. Research - Sounds boring? You’ll surely thank us later for this tip. Research and survey the landscape where you have decided to set camp. A little bit of homework about the surrounding, wildlife and adjoining areas can help you greatly.
    2. Choose the right shelter - Having dead tress over your tent is a strict no-no! Determine where the sun will rise and set so that it does not block some of the early morning sun and late sunsets.Pro tip: A site with tree cover may block some of the early morning sun.  A nice sunset view could be equally rewarding
    3. Eat but don’t litter -Carry plenty of food and liquid supplies. Having said that, ensure you don't leave leftovers or litter, they act as fodder for wildlife. Keep your campsite as neat as you would like your home to be.
    4. Campfire Cautions - Ensure you extinguish the campfire by pouring mud or water. The slightest flame can ignite and turn into an unwanted disaster.
    5. Camping accessories - Ensure you invest in the right accessories for a good nights sleep. A comfortable camping bag, a sturdy backpack are absolute must-haves.
      So go ahead and camp safely with these tips!!
  • RE goes electric with its first electric two-wheeler!

    A few months ago, at the international unveiling of the new 650 Twins, Royal Enfield CEO Sidhhartha Lal revealed that the company would not shy away from electric bikes when the time was right. Well, it now looks like the company believes that the time may not be so far away after all. The company's president, Rudratej Singh was recently quoted as saying, “Royal Enfield has several projects in the pipeline and the electric platform is one of them. We are in an investment phase in the project where we have a team that is working on different ideas and concepts with a long-term focus. We will disclose our plans at an appropriate time." Read More...

  • Robo Faced 2018 Honda X-Blade Launched

    Honda has positioned the X-Blade to attract youngsters and millennials, and for this purpose, it has adopted a very aggressive design language. The basic silhouette is reminiscent of the Honda CB Hornet 160R, but the company’s designers have given it sharper panels to increase its visual appeal. The X-Blade also features a taller fly screen, an underbelly cowl, chunky grab rails and a redesigned LED tail-lamp. The overall styling of the Honda X-Blade is impressive, barring the twin-outlet muffler.

    The bike’s edgy headlight is an all-LED unit, which makes it a segment-first. The motorcycle also gets a full-digital console, like the one found on the Hornet, but with the addition of a gear position indicator, service indicator, hazard lights and a white backlight.

    Powering the Honda X-Blade is the same 162.7cc, air-cooled motor from the CB Hornet 160R. However, on the X-Blade, the engine makes 13.9hp at 8,500rpm and 13.9Nm of torque at 6,000rpm, which is lower than the Hornet's 15hp and 14.76Nm. Like the Hornet, the engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox. Honda engineers have equipped the X-Blade with smaller tyres – 80/110 R17 and 130/70 R17 at the front and rear, respectively. The Hornet gets 100/80 R17 front and 140/70 R17 rear tyres. Braking duties are carried out by a disc brake at the front and a drum unit at the back. What's surprising is that a rear disc brake isn’t even offered as an option. Neither is the option of CBS or ABS.

    Competition check
    Honda has launched the new X-Blade at Rs 78,500 making it Rs 3,859 is cheaper than the CB Hornet 160R, which retails for Rs 82,359. The bike made its debut at Auto Expo 2018, with bookings opening shortly after. In terms of competition, the bike takes on the TVS Apache RTR 160, the Yamaha SZ-RR and the Hero Xtreme Sports. The Honda X-Blade is available in five colour options – Matte Marvel Blue Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black, Matte Frozen Silver, Pearl Spartan Red and Matte Marshal Green Metallic.

    Source https://www.autocarindia.com/bike-news/2018-honda-x-blade-5-things-you-need-to-know-407477


  • Cruise along with choppers styled by Autographix

    There is something utterly sexy about cruiser bikes. They are big, have dollops of chrome and are designed in such a way that they can be ridden endlessly and gobble up distance easily. The characteristics of a cruiser bike are that the riding position is relaxed, the handlebars are higher than on normal motorcycles and legs are placed forward. These motorcycles usually have engines which provide with low-end torque and place more importance on relaxed riding rather than mind-numbingly fast. Read More...

  • When Less is More - 5 styling accessories that add zing to the hatchback

    With dense traffic, narrow roads and over population driving can be a task in itself.With its beautiful and sleek design topped with value for money, hatchbacks are more so often the first option that entices especially first time buyers. Read More...

  • Autoexpo 2018 - What should you expect ?

    Motown India’s biggest event, The Autoexpo recently drew to a close on February 14th. While eminent players in the industry like including biggies like JLR, Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Jeep, Harley-Davidson, Datsun, Volvo, the Volkswagen Group, Bajaj Auto and Royal Enfield decided to give this a miss. Read More...

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